Ways to bump up the Blog Traffic using Social Media Platforms

Social Media Marketing has variant tools that can help you promote your blogs in a jiffy. Social Media Platforms like Twitter, Facebook. Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more makes your blog’s reach to a level way higher. The best advantage of this Digital era is that most of the social media platforms and their marketing is free. Look at these amazing key points to increase the blog traffic with simple social media marketing.

  • Publish & Promote your blog on ALL Social Media Platforms

For reaching all kinds of audiences, you should definitely post your blog on every social media platform. This results in drastic increase on your blog reach. Moreover, you can also automate your work for posting that might reduce your publishing time on variant social media platform.

  • Link to your Blog from every Social Media Platform

Never forget to add the blog URL on your variant Social Media Platforms. For instance, you can add it onto your Facebook as a post altogether, YouTube Channel’s description, and so on.

  •  You can automate Cross-Profile Publishing

Handling all the social media platforms is yet another challenge faced by marketers. Automating your posts for every platform suitable for your blog using variant tools which can automatically publish your links to the blogs can reduce your work to a great extent.

  •  Promote your blog through Widgets provided by Social Media Sites

Many Social Media Sites provide Social tools and Widgets that can help you promote your profile and give your content a lot of exposure. Make sure to use them to increase your blog reach.

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