6 ways to grow your Local Business with Digital Marketing

1. Build a google listing for your business and localise it

How frequently have you searched …. “Near me” on your google and pick a place for your visit based on the ratings and reviews of that place on google?

Very often right ! 

Over the past couple of years, there has been a 200% hike in the mobile searches for “near me”.

Source : Think with google,2019

Google Listing, an element of Google My Business, allows you to list your business name, service and products you provide, area, telephone number, and different subtleties in Google. The outcome? Whenever someone looks for help that your business offers, your business name will show up close to similar businesses in the Google listing.

Information you should add in your google listing:

2. Create social media presence

Social media presence is very important because it is a place where you can oftenly and actively engage with your audience. There’s hardly any person we know who doesn’t have a social media handle these days, right? And this is enough for us to know its importance!

Facebook and instagram are the best places where you can easily advertise your products and services to an unlimited audience.

Some useful tips you must follow:

  • Know where your target audience hangs around the most, and build your social media presence there.
  • Be active and engage on your social media
  • Know what’s trending and create your content accordingly
  • Give special attention to the content and designs that you post on your social media.


3. Connect with the customers 

Online presence helps in increasing your business’ reach to potential clients as well as  empowers you to tune in and answer your clients. Effective engagement with your clients develops connections and assists you to understand your business from the client’s point of view. 

Make sure that you always respond politely and with professionalism to the reviews of the customers whether they be positive or negative as they help you grow.

Quick tip:

Focus more on email marketing as it is one of the best ways to connect with your customers. You can keep them updated by telling them about your special offers, new launches, etc through email marketing.

4. Grow your business with localised paid ads

Most organisations and businesses rapidly understood the potential of localised paid campaigns. With the growth of Digital Marketing, these localised paids ads have become much more powerful and impressive.

With the help of your social media handles, you can engage with the local communities on a regular basis  and build trustworthy connections among the audience. 

Nowadays, Instagram and Facebook even offer the ads reach option ,by which you can select the area of your target audience and can easily localise your ads. 

5. Hire a Digital Marketing company for the best results

A digital marketing company is a B2B administration that offers various marketing services. They specialise in dealing with all the problems you may come across while making your business go digital. Hiring a digital marketing company is recommended as they have expertise in growing businesses digitally. 

Basic services that every Digital marketing company offers:

  • Content marketing
  • SEO optimization services
  • PPC advertising
  • Graphic designing 
  • Website design and development
  • Social media marketing 

Hiring a  Digital marketing company will reduce your load and help you in focusing on the core activities of your business.

Best Digital Marketing Company In Lucknow:

Here is a list of the best digital marketing companies in Lucknow  to ease your search for a digital marketing company:

  • BDevelopers 
  • Digital jugglers 
  • Digihive 


6. Choose keywords wisely and reach great heights with SEO

Keyword research and SEO optimization is a must-have for every digital marketing strategy.

Also, it’s an amazing method for finding out the exact terms individuals are using to look for products and services that your business offers.

There are several tools like Google Keyword Planner, Google trends, keywordtool.io, etc for finding out the trending keywords.

You can even take help from the local SEO company and SEO services near you for your business as these Local SEO companies have experts who excel in the field of keyword research.

Companies that provide SEO services in Lucknow:

  • BDevelopers 
  • Vicdigit technologies
  • Leciel technologies

When you center your efforts around SEO optimization, you get more guest traffic to your website, and this helps in building your brand awareness and hence making the viewers buy your product/services.

Digital marketing benefits organisations of all sizes by giving admittance to the mass market at a reasonable cost. Dissimilar to television or print publicising, digital marketing permits truly customised marketing. 

Digital marketing enables you to promote your products and services globally even if you’re sitting in the corner of a small town. In today’s global world, a business which isn’t digital, is already losing almost half of its customers.

  Build your digital presence and make your business reach great heights!

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