All about Google AdWords and its Advantages

Have you ever searched something on Google and found the first few search results with the ad written below? Those are the websites that used GoogleAdWords to get on top of the search results.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is just an online advertising platform that uses pay-per-click and allows advertisers to display their ads and websites on the search engine’s result page. 

It uses the keywords to target the organic audience, by paying Google to rank at the top of the Google search results.   

It seems pretty easy, right? You just have to pay Google to run your ads on the search page and generate higher traffic. It might seem a little complex to you at first, but the benefits it offers to your business are worth everything. Unlike in SEO advertising, where the results come out slowly and gradually, Google AdWords gives fast and transparent results. You get to know instantly whether your investment was profitable or not. Therefore, we advise you to try Google AdWords to drive traffic to your website and increase sales. 

Here are 5 main reasons why you need Google AdWords for your business.

1. Brand Awareness

Every time you search for something on the internet and the Google Ads appear, you may not click on those ads, but you do get to know about the website and what it is related to. Google ads are a good way to increase your brand awareness. The more people read the name of your brand on Google, the more they get familiar with your brand. Some people do have apprehensions about these ads but eventually, as they get more familiar with them, they are likely to click on them. Hence, Google AdWords is a great way to make people familiar with your brand. To verify this, Google conducted a study across 12 verticals ranging from retail to B2B. The results stated that Google search ads lift top-of-mind awareness in the masses by as much as 6.6%. You can score high for your business by combining Google search ads with other display ads. Whereas in SEO the awareness comes slow and it depends on the number of your brand name searches.

2: Instant results and profits

Both SEO and Google AdWords are search engine marketing strategies to generate more leads. But in comparison, Google AdWords works faster than SEO. If you invest in Google AdWords, it will work faster for your business to secure high traffic on your website and increase the conversion rate. In AdWords, you can use multiple keywords at a time, and get immediate visibility on the search page. SEO strategy on the other hand is a slow process, but it offers long-term benefits. You need to work on your SEO-optimized content consistently to get a higher rank on search results. Although SEO is an organic method, you do not generally know when it will start working for your business, while Google AdWords results are transparent. You immediately get a report of the conversion rate on your website. 

If you strategically use both of these methods simultaneously, it might work very well for your business. 

3. Have an edge over your competitors

Your competitor brands are also continuously working for profits. If they put up their ad on the google search results and you don’t, you bear a huge loss. For competitive purposes, investing in Google AdWords will make you stand one step forward with your brands. Pounce on the opportunities before your competitors do to take most of the traffic away. Running a Google AdWord will give you an edge over your competitors. 

4. Use G-mail inboxing feature

A lot of businesses are using email marketing services today, as email marketing is an effective way to build customer relationships and drive more traffic. In 2015, Google integrated their native Gmail advertising with Google AdWords, it enabled the advertisers to reach their audiences through Gmail along with Google AdWords marketing. This has opened up more chances for Google AdWords to become an efficient marketing strategy for business. Also, Gmail ads usually cost much less than Google search ads, so if you are low on budget and you cannot use both methods, only Gmail ads may suffice.

5. Get instant performance report

Google AdWords lets you know whether your ads are working well or not. It also lets you know the source of leads so that you know what to work on and what to remove from the ads. This feature makes it a much more feasible option than traditional advertisements like newspapers, television, etc. It is also an economical option than the above. Google AdWords tells you how your campaign worked. It tells you how much profit your ad makes by telling you who clicked your ad and which keyword generated the most traffic on your website. It would help you know which content is working, and which is not. You can keep updating your content as per their results.

These are some major benefits of using Google AdWords for your business. While it is important to invest in Google AdWords, its proper optimization is equally important to gain maximum profits. A good email marketing agency knows well how to run Google AdWords effectively for your business so that you make the most out of it. If you are investing your money in something, better invest it in the right way.

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