Why is Online Marketing important?

We are about to step into 2022 and the world is already digitally driven. The pandemic played a vital role in bringing various kinds of economic and social activities to online platforms on a large scale. According to a recent study, there are almost 4.8 billion internet users in the world at present. With such a large number of internet users, the scope for online economic activities has invariably shooted up. Most businesses today are focussing on their online marketing strategies to take maximum advantage of the current trends. While traditional marketing strategies like commercial advertisements and direct mail are fading away over time, online marketing is coming out to be a more economical yet effective option for businesses.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you really need to buckle up and start advertising online!

1) Your customers are online!

According to studies conducted by Forrester Research, around 80% of customers do thorough online research about the product and the company before making their purchase. Having a strong online presence would enable these customers to know more about your brand and build a customer relationship. Having no online presence would eventually lead to a dip in your sales.

Online marketing is essential for both B2B and B2C businesses because it helps to reach a wider audience in a short period. For B2B businesses, it can drive various leads from various parts of the world and is not restricted to local areas. This opens up wide opportunities for the business to grow substantially.

2) Increases user engagement

Traditional marketing tactics like print media and television advertisements are one-way communication where you advertise your product to a wide array of the audience without getting any feedback from them. Online marketing, on the other hand, is a two-way communication source that involves customer interaction through blogs, social media posts, pay-per-click or PPC services, chatbox, etc. All these ways lead to user engagement which helps in case your customers have any queries or doubts related to your product or if they want to know more about your brand. It also aids in building up strong relationships between you and your customers. Your customers do not think of you as a money-making business, but more as a good source of information for their products. This way your buyers trust your brand and may become your repeated and loyal customers.

3) Increases your brand awareness and visibility

With traditional marketing, brands had limited customer interaction, and advertisements were restricted to a specific place and time. In the case of online marketing, the world is the playground! The internet cab keep advertising your brand 24/7 throughout the world.

Once your brand is online, it is open to billions of online users who can access it from anywhere in the world. Therefore, online marketing can increase your brand’s visibility 10x times more than any other marketing strategy and can aid in building a good reputation. Moreover, higher the visibility, higher the familiarity of any brand which eventually leads to growth in sales and customer base.

4) Brings in organic customers

Online marketing is the best way to drive organic traffic to your website. Organic traffic refers to the users who visit your website or social media accounts without being shown paid ads. They can visit through searches, communities, activities like shares, likes, etc.

Search engine platforms like Google and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest usually direct potential high volume customers to your website and social media accounts. Such organic traffic can grow to create a strong customer base eventually. The high volume of organic traffic acts as an indicator of good performance and quality and helps in increased visibility of a brand’s website and social media accounts through suggestions or organic ranking.

There can be various ways of doing that which include SEO, high-quality content, smooth user interface, less loading time of web pages, and much more. These methods not only bring in organic traffic but often promotes the business to potential users which helps in growing the brand’s community.

5) Cost-effective marketing plan

Gone are the days when one needed to have a huge advertisement budget for mass communication. People have realized that online marketing is a more cost-effective and fairly efficient platform for promoting their business to a larger audience. Targeting your audience online in the right manner, choosing the right platforms for your business, and pushing the right marketing strategies can give a boom to your business.

Of late, investing in a good digital marketing company has also become a budget-friendly option for businesses. They can help in handling multidimensional digital services like website design and development, content creation, campaigns building, SEO content at affordable rates which ultimately impact the reputation and growth of any business.


The above are just a few of the innumerable benefits of having an online presence and marketing plan for any business. One need not be told how widespread the web is. Like with every other field, any business’s marketing strategies also need to be upgraded with time. And if you’re still one of those who is scared to dive into the new ways, you might be losing out on more than you realise!

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