Avoid these mistakes during an E-mail marketing campaign

To err is human, to truly mess things up, you need a computer. This old adage is so accurate and samples of it could be found daily in the corporate world. This statement comes true in case of messing up an E-mail marketing campaign. Email marketing itself became a lot more complicated since it’s inception. Let’s look at some pretty common mistakes companies make when conducting an E-mail marketing campaign.

  • Errors with the Receiver Lists

There are many Rookie errors that could be made when dealing with your getting list. Ensure you’ve permission to send Email to the individuals on your list.

  • Source of your contacts

Did they enroll on your list online or at the office? How did you get to know them? Ensure you effectively obtained the name. Make a policy of not buying a list from a 3rd party. Nobody likes to get spammed or have unwanted e-mail in their already crowded inbox. Proofread all e-mails being sent to ensure there aren’t any silly typos or glaring grammatical errors. Create content which will be relevant, intriguing, and useful to your subscriber base.

  • Subject Line of the Email

It only requires a few seconds for readers to determine if they’re going to continue reading it or not. Don’t use pushy sales copy or misleading slogans. Be human and utilize a voice that’s true to your brand. Remember to assess what worked and what didn’t. Before you send a campaign to your whole list, make sure you look at it in preview mode.

  • Reason for the Email

It is of utmost importance to mention the reason for the mail. Clearly define the reason of the mail and specify all your contact details.

  • Measuring the impact of your campaign

Once you are done with sending mails start evaluating the campaign’s performance. Track out of all the recipients who all have opened the email, who all followed it to your website, and who all have unsubscribed. Following this effectively can give you a better insight of customer interaction, customer actions and diverting traffic to your website.

Focus on the given points and you’ll definitely create an awesome E-mail marketing campaign, just like the way we do.

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