Top 5 SEO myths busted!

SEO! The modern-age marketing tool that everybody is talking about. But, with all the talking and opinions, myths and misconceptions spread like a forest fire. People think that SEO is something that guarantees instant results or that all it takes is a bunch of keywords that your web developer has asked you to use. But it isn’t that simple. SEO is a constant analytical cycle, evaluating and then putting that data to use. SEO is quintessential for every business size or anyone trying to get traffic on their website in order to be competitive. But if you want to know what is true and what is an internet urban legend, you need to understand and take note of the following SEO myths:

1. Social media is luxury, content is a necessity

Every single time someone likes your blog post on Facebook or re-tweets on Twitter, it reverberates on search engines as a positive step. Using social media to good effect plays a crucial part for your SEO campaign!

2. Most sites are equipped with SEO

Sorry, but it is not like SEO comes free with your website. It is simply not a pre-packaged deal when you start a website. However, there are sites that you can choose from that aids in SEO or allows you to add in plug-ins to make the site more SEO friendly. If you have that sort of budget, you can hire an SEO consultant for better results.

3. Keyword Meta tags are a must

Gone is the time when keyword meta tags ensured high rankings on search engines. Still, you need to work on a great meta description (we advise to keep it under 160 characters) to entice the user into clicking your website.

4. H1 headings are super important

Again, nonsense. Headlines and thesis of of your content matters little for your SEO. The title obviously needs to be relevant and decorative, but what really matters is the keywords and ideas that you have used initially in that post. You may have an awesome headline which can get people to click on your post, but if that content doesn’t captivate them throughout your piece, you will lose them. That is exactly when Google will pull you down like gravity on it’s rankings

5. Ensure back-linking over good content

If you have irrelevant or unreliable content, no amount of back-linking can save your top spot in searches. There is an assumption that through links, search engines can analyze the popularity of a website based on the number and popularity of pages linking back to them. So you see, links are very important but quality content is quintessential. We are even bolder to suggest you that if you have the budget, hire a creative content writer for your site or blog instead of hiring someone for link building. Take note, that an investment in content means website pages, blog posts, lead generation offers, and guest posts on other sites, which lead to more links eventually.
We hope that you are clear by now about SEO. Don’t let your colleagues or friends beat about the bush, share this article to clear the mist around one of the greatest marketing tool in the 21st century- SEO!

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