6 Things That Can Mess With Your Social Media Marketing

A wondrous, impeccable socializing & marketing tool called social media. Everyone has it, everyone uses it. Being the virtual extension of our lives, social media needs to be used carefully. Just as we think before we speak, we should think, analyze and effectively implement our strategies before posting anything.

For a corporate entity looking to promote their brand, the wrong content or information can prove to be disastrous. We enlist the following points to clear the air between what is acceptable on social media and what is not.

  1. Posting long, messy, URLs.

Using shorter URLs can bring about clarity in your posts and project a good image of your brand. Try using a URL shortener like bit.ly.

  1. Posting unnecessarily.

You should actually go posting only when you actually have something to mention. Posting unnecessary or worthless content will only harm your reputation. Readers might never come back to your business page/account if they find unusable content too often.

  1. Not spacing your posts.

Ok, you are truly dumb if you fire 10 posts in a hour and not post for the rest of the day. Remember to space your posting appropriately.

  1. Not making sense.

Let us illustrate on this one. Posting, “ARGGHHH” with no other information simply annoys individuals. Relatively, think and assess what your customer wants. Ensure that people actually understand or derive some usability from your posts.

  1. An excessive amount of personal stuff.

You are doing social media to promote your business or service, right? Then keep it 90+% business and fewer than 10% personal.

  1. Not giving credit or attributing the incorrect supply.

This is more of an ethical pointer than not-to-do stuff. Give credit wherever credit is correctly due. This will positively impact your brand image and build trust between individuals, customers, and clients alike. Not giving credit is bad, giving wrong credit to someone is even worse. We are sure you can assess the repercussions of this yourself.
Connecting with your readers goes way beyond giving them the content they want, it is about caressing their emotions and obviously, not posting something as stupid as any of the above content.

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