Everything You Need To Know About BDeveloper

BDeveloper is an IT Consultant firm started in 2010, which provides a range of customized administrative and developmental services for business owners and companies. Our support services are of the highest quality at effective cost rates. We believe in significant attention to details with emphasis on dedication, expertise and transparency in services.
We provide you with 24×7 Virtual Assistance, across the globe, enabling your business to grow and prosper day and night without any time constraints. Our wide spectrum of services include business services, technical services, web developmental services and SEO services which you can use anytime anywhere and be assured of the desired results being delivered on time.

Located in one of the fastest growing cities in India, BDeveloper’s office is located in the heart of Lucknow’s commercial area. Our location allows us to tap into a whole sea of bubbling potential and extract it to bring to you a team of professional savants to deliver unparalleled quality support services.
With professionalism and expertise being our top priority, BDeveloper is on a constant look out for people who possess these qualities and are ready to work hard to deliver the desired results for our clients.
Unlike the unscrupulous firms that lure job seekers into their traps and deceive them, BDeveloper is a registered firm with state of art infrastructure and a strong belief in retaining talent that works hard. We also do not believe in exploiting people and therefore all of our internships are paid.
Working with us will provide you an exposure to international clients and how the work is done in multi-national corporations. Your skills and talents will be honed and you will be provided training that will allow you to compete in the international market.

And if you still need more reasons to work with us, go ahead and look at the reviews and testimonials from our employees and extremely satisfied clientèle.

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