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As the businesses lean more towards everything digital, we keep hearing weird tech terms like PPC, SEO, and SMM etc.  being used with increased frequency in relation to Digital Marketing. Business Gurus and Tech Pundits available everywhere know exactly the way to increase your business revenue and website traffic.

The first term that springs to mind whenever you hear Digital Marketing is SEO. It has become a sort of magical spell straight out of  Hogwarts. Digital Marketing companies are allegedly in possession of mantra that can magically make your business better with a flick of the wand.

But exactly what is SEO?

To the Muggle population, i.e., the non-tech people with no clue about how SEO works, allows us to shed some light on the matter.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process to make websites search engine friendly and increase their ranking in search engine results page. This means, that when people search a topic that your website is about, your site will come up on the search results page hence leading to increased traffic eventually generating more sales. Now at which page or at what position the site shows up in the search results depends on how well your website is ranked.

Basically, SEO is done to increase the non-paid, organic traffic on your website and improve the ranking of the site so that it comes up first in the search results. Although SEO is done for all search engines, the focus remains mostly on Google, which accounts for 90% market share in search engine industry.

Process of SEO

Once we develop a website for you, the process of SEO is set into motion. The first step in SEO is to understand the topic that the website is about. What is the Unique Selling Point(USP) of your site’s business? What services are you providing to your customers?

Once we’ve figured out the USP of your business and the website, the next task is to identify  the main keyword that are relevant to your site. Does your site provide floral services locally ? Well then your keywords can be local floral service, floral services  etc.

Now that we’ve comprehended the keywords that can be used for your website, we will tag  the keywords on the website

Implementing the keywords includes 7 elements that must be taken care of –

  1. The title tag of your website
  2. The meta/description of your site
  3. The H tags
  4. Internal linking
  5. External linking
  6. Image Alt Tag
  7. Schema
  8. Use of keyword(s) in the Website Content, at least once

Once  the implementation is done for all the above elements, the links are indexed, i.e., submitted to Google or other search engines with the changes made. These changes take approximately half-an-hour to show on Google.

After indexing the links, the health of the site is audited, i.e., the traffic of the site is analyzed for any changes. Also, the keyword is tracked to keep a continuous check on it’s ranking.

Why you should get your site SEOed?

Search engine optimization has been shown to increase profits for businesses. It leads to better ranking on search engine results page which leads to higher traffic which gets converted into sales, thereby increasing your revenue.

But what needs to be understood is that, SEO is not a magic spell. It does not work overnight. It takes a minimum of 3 months period to show any change in the site ranking. So, it is a long term marketing strategy but with time and persistence, ranking for your site will eventually improve.     




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