5 Google Tools To Help Digital Marketing Easier

If you are new to the arena of digital marketing, you might not be familiar with the Google tools available at your disposal to help you market your business digitally. These tools are mostly simple to use and a great help in creating an effective digital marketing strategy because Google is awesome.

We have compiled a list of 5 Google tools that people who are new to digital marketing will find extremely helpful.


  • Google Search Console: Earlier known as Google Webmaster Tools, it has been renamed Google Search Console in May 2015. This a free service provided by Google to allow webmasters ( people who manage the website) to check the indexing of their website and optimize its visibility. It also has a number of tools to carry out functions like submit and check sitemap, list external and internal pages that link to the site, check and set the crawl rate and many others.
  • Google AdWords Keyword:  Google AdWords Keyword tool provides suggestions for keyword ideas for your search engine marketing campaign and paid search advertising. It tells you the competition for each keyword and the average monthly searches of each keyword to help you select the keyword most suitable for your website. You can also find out the approximate cost-per-click (CPC) amount for the keyword.
  • Google My Business: This tool provides you a way to advertise on Google; for free. Yes, for FREE. Earlier known as Google Places, this will display your business before organic search results. All you have to do is to set up your business page on Google My Business. You will need the following business information –
    a) A brief description of your business
    b) Any contact information you want to post
    c) Logo or image of your business  
    Encourage people to review your business so that it displays in the results.
  • Google Analytics: Google Analytics is the most powerful tool that you can use as a digital marketer. You can learn and get insights about your website like-
    a) Demographics
    b) Social Engagement
    c) Technology Used
    d) Mobile Information
    e) Traffic Sources
    f)  What leads to conversion
    and much more.
  • Google AdWords: If you are considering paid search campaign then you should go for Google AdWords, it’s Pay-per-Click (PPC) product. Here you can create ads that target specific keywords related to your business. These keywords can be selected from Google AdWords Keyword Planner. These campaigns will gain your website a considerable amount of traffic with conversions. Remember to use advanced targeting options to reach your target audience.


These tools by Google have allowed digital marketing to be much easier and effective. Here at BDeveloper, our digital marketing guys often use these tools and many more to deliver effective results to our clients.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now and let us help you with your digital marketing needs (with the help of Google tools of course 😉 ).

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