SEO: Are You Doing It Wrong ?

Yeah we have talked about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) before and we have told you about why it’s important for your website (or your client’s) BUT what we haven’t talked about is, how you can be doing it wrong.

It’s easy to lose track of essential things when doing SEO. You can be too engrossed in finding the right keyword or trying to make your client understand that SEO doesn’t work overnight. So we assembled a list of things that people usually miss (or do!) that could be harming your page ranking.


  • Keyword Stuffing: A lot of times, when people write content for their website, they end up stuffing it with keyword i.e., the keyword keeps coming up in the content a lot of times. This makes for a dull read and search engines like Google often penalize such websites.  
  • Not Analyzing Data: Get too involved in gaining more traffic and you will lose sight of your real goal that is, conversions. Getting more traffic does not necessarily mean more conversions. Analyzing and tracking your keywords is important to understand which keyword is performing better in comparison.
  • Same Title and Meta Tags: This happens quite a few often and does quite a damage to your website. Having unique title tags and meta descriptions are important as they tell people, at a glance, what the web page is about and is also helpful in SEO.
  • Using Highly Competitive Keywords: Just because a search phrase is popular does not mean using it will get you better ranked. In fact, you’d probably not be ranked at all in case there are more authoritative domains than yours.
  • Poorly Written Content: Now this is a crime a lot of websites are guilty of. Creating and publishing high quality content is one of the key ways to drive traffic to your website. Search engines and people alike love to find content  that is well written, informative and helpful. If your content is low quality, Google is likely to downgrade your website link.



So do yourself a favour and stop doing these things. Search engine optimization can only be effective when it is done correctly. Otherwise, you are just simply wasting your time and money.

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