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Selecting the right domain name is a major step towards launching your own website. It is crucial to get the domain name right because there is a very good chance that you’ll be stuck with it for a long time.
Here a are a few tips you can follow while choosing a domain name.

Selecting A Domain Name

It Should be Clear and Brandable: Your domain name should reflect your brand and what is it that you do. When people look at your url, they should be able to understand what your business is all about. If the people don’t find your domain name helpful, it is likely they are not going to click on your link in the search engine results page.

Avoid Generic Names: Generic domain names are tough to remember and are unlikely to stand out. Domain names should be unique while at the same time easy to remember.
Include Keywords: If possible, it is always a great SEO technique to include your keyword in your domain name. Although it’s a good way to boost your SEO, do not stuff keywords into your domain name just for the sake of it.

Keep it Simple and Pronounceable: Your domain name should be short and easy to say, because of it’s easy to say, it’s easy to remember. Also, do not go for complicated addresses; it’s just going to put off people from typing it in their address bar.

Think Long Term: In the rush to follow the latest fad gripping the internet, do not create domain names that might seem childish or unprofessional, later. Also, don’t constrict your business by creating narrow domain names; be broad. Maybe you sell motorcycle spare parts right now so you go for but what if you later expand to spare parts for cars? Always keep your options open.

Don’t Copy: This goes without saying but don’t infringe upon someone else’s copyrights, i.e., don’t create domain names that are similar to theirs or can be confused with another company’s trademarks. This can result in huge lawsuits and also affect your brandability.

Deciding the Extension: Even today, .com is the most recognized TLD in the common market. Maybe if you are only targeting a niche market like pizza crazy people, then you could go for .pizza but otherwise, .com is the one most people recognize and associate domain names with.

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