What is Drip Campaign

Content creation is an intrinsic part of any online businesses. Apart from spreading your industry knowledge, content also plays a vital role in keeping your brand top of your customer’s mind, whenever he is ready to buy. From blogs to whitepapers and webinars, every piece of genuine and interactive content ultimately garners your customer’s attention.

But, throwing every piece of content you have at them is not the answer. To truly influence a consumer’s buying behaviour, you have to be more subtle than that. The answer is Drip campaigns. As the name suggests, these emails offer drops of content at appropriate intervals to keep your business in the customer’s mind.

Do they work?

Drip campaigns are great for building trust with your potential customers. The relevant and regular messages provoke the decision-making ability of the online user. Rather than shooting your generic content to a potential customer, you could easily automate customized messages and content for every level of the sales funnel he enters.

How to make a successful Drip Campaign?

All drip campaigns have one goal in common, i.e. engagement. Read the tips below to know the basics of a drip campaign:

  • Use Data The very fundamental of a drip campaign. Ensure that you have the records of the ones who have visited relevant pages, who downloaded your content or any other action you wish to track. Once your campaign starts, keep reviewing its performance. This will help you strategize a plan of action regarding calls-to-action or certain emails.
  • Tailored campaigns as per audience Don’t just base your campaign on what level of the funnel your customer is. Customize your campaign based on whether he/she is your recurring customer, a prospect or someone completely ignorant of your brand.
  • Let your content do the talking Many online businesses tend to educate customers as to why should they buy from that specific brand. Don’t do it. Let your content persuade them. Your emails should hit the pain points of your customers, eg. best investment options, market updates, etc.

In the end, it is also important to have a large contact list. Otherwise, your drip campaign won’t work at all. Also, consider the audience you’re sending to. If you know their pain points and how they prefer to interact with your brand, you may find that your drip campaign is utterly successful. In the end, it also depends on your brand and its specific goals. But, if your recipients do not engage much in emails, then a drip campaign won’t be such a magic wand as one would expect.

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