Difference between Digital Marketing & Inbound Marketing

Digital marketing is an assemblage of different tactics a business can use to reach their desired users. Social media out-turns to be a great ambassador for the cause of digital marketing. This type of marketing includes both online as well as offline platform to disseminate a message. On the other hand, Inbound Marketing is a data-driven approach to marketing. It involves all elements and practices completely aligned, which pushes qualified leads through your sales funnel in a natural way.


Digital Marketing & Inbound Marketing differs on the basis of strategies they possess. A strategy that includes a long-term approach to drive your business can be categorized into inbound marketing. Such an approach includes more than just having a pretty website, thousands of likes on social media or being a popular business. Inbound marketing is an overall approach which opts an organic way to drive customers and conversions.

Inbound marketing lets you create a route with a definite set of expectations, defined and measurable long-term goals and it is customer-centric. Whereas, digital marketing involves strategies to enhance a company’s  visual appeal. It aids the brand’s up gradation through the use of any number of single digital marketing tactic. It is short-term, budget-friendly and perhaps a component of an overall inbound methodology.


Marketing professionals believe that both these strategic tactics are important for a company to grow and upgrade. No company can connect to the desired target audiences without proper marketing methodologies. There is no denying the fact that Inbound Marketing is more in-depth and fruitful comparable to Digital Marketing because of it’s many moving components to drastically enhance a company.  

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