Why should you opt for a HTML website?

In today’s world, having a web presence is quintessential for any business to survive. Modern technological tools and social media can propel even a small or medium scale business to popularity. But across the variety of platforms available, what is the best platform for small and medium scale businesses to showcase themselves?
HTML or Hyper-text Mark-up Language is most commonly used along with JavaScript to give the website a customized look as per our preferences. In HTML websites, every element of the page like image, page layout, etc. can be changed. HTML is the most globally accepted programming language today despite many other new tools. An HTML website is considered most apt for small & medium scale businesses who do not need too much functionality on their web pages. While the exact tenacity of this quote might be disputable, an HTML website certainly has lots of advantages of it’s own.

1. Compatible with all websites
Amongst all the web-programming languages available, HTML websites are supported by almost all browsers. This paves way to the advantage of global visibility across multiple browsers(in case of optimization). Moreover, optimization of HTML websites is not a complex task at all.
2. Hassle-free maintenance
If at some point of time you need to make changes or update your website, you can easily find a web design firm or a freelancer at cost-effective prices who can make the desired changes. This is so because HTML websites are the easiest to use and understand. Anyone in the digital landscape would know HTML.
3. It’s free
You don’t need any software or plug-ins for HTML! Yes, you read that right. This one sets HTML websites apart from the rest. You can substantially cut down on your website development cost and use it to meet other essential liabilities!
4. Search engines love HTML websites
If you are planning to do SEO for your HTML website, well, congratulations! Creating SEO compliant websites using HTML is significantly easier than any other programming language. HTML causes the least SEO complications and provides the greatest flexibility when trying to build an SEO compliant website. Search engines easily find HTML websites, which in turn reduces the time taken for loading website pages. This ultimately helps your website to perform better in search results.
5. More tools to build your dream website
HTML websites can be created by a host of developmental tools that cannot be done for other web programming languages.

Choosing the best web programming language for your website depends on what business tasks do you want it to achieve? Is it going to be an e-commerce website, or will it more news-like, i.e. content to be added at regular intervals. There is no sense for a small and medium-sized business to create a website with high functionality if your business cannot match all the features and functionalities. An HTML website can look as appealing as any other programming language aesthetically. Therefore, as a small and medium-sized business, an HTML website might be a more viable option than a high-tech website.

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