How to manage online reputation of your brand

Going great with your social media campaigns? Those new likes and followers sure do feel great, but it is one thing to post on social media, and it is another to actually engage with your audience and effectively manage your brand’s reputation. The need to properly manage your brand’s reputation has not been greater than the present time. Information is readily available for consumers and it is now easier for them to share their experiences with brands and products.

Managing your reputation is not a stand-alone task for the CEO. It is rather a combined effort of the CEO, sales team, and even customer support team.  Thus, in this new age of transparency, it is vital for the brand as a whole to manage its reputation, on the internet as well as off it.

Here are our pro tips on how to manage, build or repair your online reputation-

  • Start-ups need to manage their social reputation even before they launch

Indulge in thorough planning from the beginning of planning a new brand. For entrepreneurs launching a new company, the answer to when they should begin making online reputation management a priority is before the company is even launched. While choosing a brand name, thorough research needs to be done. This is important as start entrepreneurs need to ensure that there is no negative image associated with the brand name that they have chosen.

  • Manage the reputation of your executives

It is vital to have strategies that aim at the reputation management of your top-notch executives. Online users research beyond stats and data when they decide to do business or avail of your services. They also examine and evaluate the people involved in that company.

Every top executive should have his own bio that is genuine on the website. Media coverage of executives whenever possible can also work wonders in reputation management. Apart from these, media articles, blog posts, and press releases will all rank highly on search engines for that executive’s name and help to build credibility, trust, and a strong reputation for that individual and he ran as well.

  • Robust content and PR strategy is not enough

This is one mistake that many start-ups make. Though you may have a great PR and content marketing team at your helm, you need a specialist if you want that content to be ranked on top. Managing online reputation is a complex and dynamic task. Though there is a need for high-quality content, you also need to make sure that the same content reaches your potential audience. This is where Search Engine Optimization comes into factor. You need to have an SEO specialist who can be responsible for hat people about your brand online.

  • Role of Social Media

Don’t let social media become your liability. It does not have to be. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Quora, etc. are the primary and most abundant sources of social content. Playing by the social media rules goes a long way in managing how your company communicates with the public as well as how the digital audience is talking about your company on social media. All this is pivotal for your social online presence.

Invest time in social media. Make sure you post valuable content. It is important that you respond to every customer who has reached out, whether it is a query, criticism, praise, or customer support. Regularly identify hashtags that are important to your business and do not let any negative comment against you go unanswered.

The problem with brand reputation management socially is, that it takes time to make it, but little to break it. You can only gradually build a favorable reputation of your brand. Have a robust content management strategy in place along with an effective PR team. The need to create genuine content aggressively cannot be undermined. Furthermore, make sure you have a sound SEO practice to make that content available to users. It is also an understatement to state that your brand needs to be present on all social platforms. You again need engaging content.

Conclusively, it is better to take it one at a time and gradually build a favorable reputation rather than repairing a damaged one.

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