Adding the right content for e-commerce SEO

So you have decided to open your own e-commerce website! Sell products online! Get rich!  But, in order for your products to be sold on an eCommerce website, they must first be found on search engines. Online shoppers can find you through a number of ways-

1) Directly through the eCommerce website, including a site search or clicking through the category navigation menu.

2) Searches through search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

But, be it through eCommerce websites or search engines, online shoppers can only find you easily if you correctly list your products on the eCommerce site. Below are some guidelines and tips to help the search engines and an eCommerce website’s search features to find your products more easily. These guidelines will boost the exposure of your products to shoppers, helping you generate more sales.

Product Listing Guidelines:

  • More the content, better the results. Content on an eCommerce website includes the product Title, Subtitle and Description. Search engines work by evaluating content and shoppers gain the information they need to feel comfortable purchasing your products. By providing a detailed and accurate Title, Subtitle and Description for your product, more people will find your products, more people will find it valuable and they will be more inclined to buy.
  • Include the name of your product in the Title, Subtitle and Description portions of your product listing. This will enable a search engine to focus more on the keyword, making it clear what it is and rendering visibility.
  • Provide genuine & quality content without spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and improper punctuation. Do not “spam” keywords: Rather, provide well-written content that includes keyword phrases in a natural fashion and does not look out of place. This will help both the search engines and the people wanting to buy your products.
  • Provide meaningful information that helps the shoppers to understand what your product is, its specifications, colors, age, manufacturer and other details that will build customer confidence.

In summary, the quality of your product listing will improve its chance of being found and purchased by shoppers. The extra effort will result in extra sales.

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