5Cs of creating stellar facebook posts

There are no hard and fast rules so as to increase the reach of a post on Facebook but including and writing according a few will definitely fetch you more business.

Most businesses know that Facebook marketing isn’t optional if you really want to boost your brand, but what many people may not know is just how important creating and writing a solid Facebook post is to determining your success.

Below listed are the 5C’s which will help you create and execute an impacting Facebook post :

  • CONCISE : Social media marketing doesn’t need lengthy paragraphs about the same topic. 40 characters for a post is the most precise figure according to Google so as to enjoy 86% more engagement than the posts which ramble about. Insert your link and you are good to go with your 40 character  Facebook post.The best Facebook page post practices have shown that using an awesome intro,or summation of a post or blog and then linking off to that article is the most effective way to get noticed.
  • CONSISTENCY : To make your Facebook page successful you must ensure that you make at least one post a day. You may even post multiple times a day but you must ensure that the content you produce is of good quality and not much in quantity as mentioned earlier.
  • CATCHY : Posts that are relevant to your audience will be posts appeal to them in any way. Once you realize that, you have made your job a whole lot easier. The foremost necessity to this is relevant topics. Timing is also a key factor, you can talk about any concert, festival, event or holiday that is relevant to your audience.
  • CROWD-FREE: It is necessary to stand out of the crowd on your reader’s news feed. One of the best ways is to post after work or on weekends.
    You can schedule your posts using Buffer and similar platforms on social medias so that you don’t need to personally post every content.
  • CONNECT: Great marketing connects with people regardless of its platform. Great marketing campaigns revolve around the concept that you not only understand your customers, but are also there for them. This is why it is important to follow-up on queries, comments, etc. You could also enable direct messaging from customers in the settings option on Facebook.

    The icing on the cake is that social media marketing is free of cost. It’s a win-win situation for both your customers and you. You can connect much much better to your customers while your customers get the information and product/service they want.



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