QA and Testing Services

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"We take care of your product development product maintenance & enhancement, QA/testing and product migration plan with utmost seriousness and focus"

QA and Testing Services

BDeveloper provides comprehensive software quality assurance and testing services to application developers as well as the end users of IT solutions. BDeveloper has a proven track record of establishing and running dedicated test labs with disciplined, mature quality processes.

With a fully qualified team of experts and state-of-the-art testing labs, BDeveloper can provide functionality testing, regression and load testing and other wide ranging software testing services.

The infrastructure facilitates quick ramp up/down of resources based on client needs and requirements and results in significant overall time and cost reductions. Clients can also make use of time zone differences to dovetail project schedules achieving round the clock productivity.

Our Testing Methodology

BDeveloper has a well-developed methodology for testing the software.

We call it the Seven Step BDeveloper QA Methodology. This has evolved from the best practices observed in a wide variety of successful testing projects. The methodology minimizes project risk and enables us to streamline testing delivery to achieve customer satisfaction

Proposal for Engagement

In this step we define the terms of reference, customer expectations, project scope & commitments and the overall project framework.

Knowledge Transfer

Here our domain experts/business analysts will ensure that the critical activity of knowledge transfer—both domain-specific as well as project-specific knowledge— happens smoothly and with the least possible effort.

Test Preparation

This step runs in parallel to the software development activity and the team works on producing the test strategy, test cases, trace-ability, test scripts, test data guidelines and Run Plans. Parallel preparation helps improve delivery time.

Test Execution

Here the actual execution of testing happens based on the test start and completion criteria. Experienced teams of test engineers facilitate flawless and timely completion.

Defect Management

This step involves defect management and tracking defects systematically to closure. Test logs, defect summaries, status reports and defect analyses are also produced.

Test Automation

Selecting and deploying appropriate tools for automating regression testing and performance testing is what this step is all about. Test execution productivity is considerably enhanced by automatic tools.

Test Maintenance

This step implements a process and a stable framework for handling on-going release testing requirements on a long-term basis.