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Website Speed Optimization Service

Every page of your website is an opportunity for your audience to find you and convert. That’s why we optimize these pages around keywords and phrases that help you stand out from the crowd. We use modern technological tools to optimize your website for the fastest loading speeds and test them to ensure we have done it right. When your website is fast and optimized, it will result in higher engagement, retention and conversions.

BDeveloper has the team and tools that can help your websites boost their loading speed. Our technology and solutions will help you identify the best performance practices that can be applied to your site and our optimization tool will help you automate the process of continuously maximizing your page loading speed. And that’s why we are widely acknowledged as having the best website optimization services in Lucknow.

Benefits of Our Website Speed Optimization Service

In the marketing battle field, your rate of conversions is the only thing that differentiates you from your competitors. Page speed is one of the many factors that can easily help your boost or trump your loading speed. Having a fast loading speed will help you increase customer engagement on your website and consequently your conversion rate. A plethora of companies use our service because they understand that having a high conversion rate is closely linked to having a high ROI (Return On Investment).

Why should you do it?

How long do you think a customer sticks around on a site that does not respond? Very less. Having a decent page speed is important to create a good user experience. Furthermore, a good page speed will also make your customer sign up or buy your products rather than a page which takes too much time to load. It will also decrease bounce rates and increase average time on page.

What we offer

We don’t just scrutinize your website and present it to you in a beautifully wrapped gift box! We implement solutions after a clear understanding of the problem at hand. This is what makes us an innovative digital marketing & advertising agency in the field of web optimization services in Lucknow and beyond. As Google changes its Algorithms every year, we strive hard to keep up the pace for your business. As mentioned earlier, we don’t just build you a website with fancy pages, we build your business for higher traffic, conversions, and ROI!

Service Process

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Images Optimize

We use the most advanced tools to resize your image as you desire them to be. Image optimization removes bytes from the largest chunk of your website weight.

Optimize & CSS

We combine all CSS files and then remove anything that is not needed (whitespace, comments) from it.

Clean Up Your Html

We remove all unnecessary parts from your source code to keep your markup as clean as possible. You could also add a new library or an additional web font on your site.

Caching Plugins

One of the quickest and easiest way to cut your page loading speed is by installing a plugin. Caching plugins do quite a lot beyond browser caching, although that is their primary function.

Want to know more ?

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