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Local Business Marketing

A successful Internet marketing strategy consists of Local business marketing as an inherent factor. Businesses with multiple locations need to target a local audience in that particular demography. This requires a unique set of strategy rather than the traditional knowledge of local SEO. BDeveloper’s effective local marketing strategies improve branding, public engagement, increase customer loyalty and subsequently, conversion rates. This dynamism has made us a leader in the field of digital marketing Lucknow.

Our Local Marketing Services

Local SEO

We specialize in Organic Local SEO search marketing for firms who want to improve their business and increase online presence. Our local SEO techniques compliment your website to maximize ROI & conversions. Our search engine optimization (SEO) experts specialize in developing powerful local SEO strategies to ensure that you dominate your competition in local search engine results. We only use white-hat SEO techniques.

Local Business Directory Listings

BDeveloper also creates client listings in numerous online business directories like Yelp!, Yahoo, Bing and Google+ Local to significantly boost your local online presence. Our prime focus is to improve your company’s visibility & accessibility and online business directories achieves this exact purpose.

Local PPC

Though, using SEO techniques does boost your organic search engine rankings, pay-per-click PPC services or paid search advertising services such as Google Adwords are a necessary supplement to organic search engine optimization. Local Pay per Click is the fastest way to attract ready to buy prospects to your local business and convert them in to recurring customers. Right now, Pay-per-Click is the fastest, cheapest, easiest and most effective method of advertising on the Internet.

Social Media Marketing

We are the engines that drive all your social media platforms to targeted destinations. We create, curate and collate content that weaves the story in the desired way that you want to tell your audience. Whatever the platform, whatever the content, we produce engaging and genuine content in the way you desire. But, apart from the content, advertising matters too. We manage your communities, events and try hard to outthink your competitors. BDeveloper also acts as your confidante, we are open to feedback and will make sure that you understand our short- and long-term strategies to handle your social media to boost business via digital marketing company in Lucknow. Our social media management process in a gist-

  • Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Advertising management
  • Community management
  • Account management


Website Optimization
Business Listings
Citation Building
Reviews & Ratings
PPC & Call Tracking

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