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Email & Chat Support

Over the years Email has become a primary source for grievance redressal for customers. People are communicating via Email or live chat options for their queries. Right from providing technical assistance to query resolution BDeveloper provides you with all your needs for customer relation management, especially when it comes to offering email and chat support services in Lucknow and beyond.

How it works?

We create a database of frequently asked questions and the problems being faced by the customers and provide them with the best possible solutions.

Why it works?

  • Appropriately targeted customer
  • Provides you with ease and convenience.
  • No sales lost as there is a 24x7 support for your business.
  • Handle multiple clients efficiently.
  • No need to add more people to your team thus reducing the extra cost.
  • Provide a reliable information on your services and products.

Services we provide-

  • Customer support
  • Technical assistance

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